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Long Term Care Coordinating Council

In November 2004, Mayor Gavin Newsom announced the appointment of the Long Term Care Coordinating Council to provide policy guidance to the Mayor's Office and the City.

The Long Term Care Coordinating Council (LTCCC) is charged to:

  1. advise, implement, and monitor community-based long term care planning in San Francisco; and
  2. facilitate the improved coordination of home, community-based, and institutional services for older adults and adults with disabilities. It is the single body in San Francisco that evaluates all issues related to improving community-based long term care and supportive services.

The Mayor appoints 32 of the 41 membership slots. The additional 9 slots are represented by various City and County departments including: Human Services, Aging and Adult Services, Public Health, Office of Disability, Housing, SF Housing Authority, and the Municipal Railway. Membership categories were created to ensure representation from a variety of consumers, advocates, and service providers.

This LTCCC provides stakeholders with a place to share information, discuss issues and formulate solutions. The Council meets on the 2nd Thursday of most every month at One South Van Ness Avenue, Second Floor.

For more Information:

Download the Living With Dignity Strategic Plan: download here

Download: 2020 Foresight – San Francisco's Strategy for Excellence in Dementia Care: A Plan and Recommendations to address the growing crisis in dementia care, and an economic analysis of that care: download here