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Build Community

Community Living Campaign focuses on helping people build connections – with neighbors, with those sharing common interests, with online friends and family. Connections can be as simple as a regular phone call to make sure everything is going well, or can grow into delivering groceries or removing tripping hazards in someone’s home. These relationships provide the support that studies have shown is essential to ending isolation and enabling people to age in their own homes and communities.

Community Connectors. In each neighborhood we serve, our model centers around an energetic Community Connector – often a seniors or person with disabilities – who is a catalyst for change in their neighborhood. Community Connectors act as role models and organize programs and activities to meet their neighbors’ needs. Our Connectors bring together participants, neighborhood volunteers, faith and other community organizations, and social service providers. As an organization CLC also creates wider connections among partner organizations, companies, and government programs.

Neighborhood-Driven, Grass Roots Model. Each neighborhood is different, with residents who bring their own set of gifts, interests, and needs. We act as support, offering expertise and resources that enable the neighbors to customize programs and activities to best help the people aging in their community. This neighborhood-driven approach fosters higher levels of community acceptance and volunteer engagement.

Food Delivery Networks

In the Oceanside/Merced/Inglside (OMI), Parkmerced/University Park, and Bayview neighborhoods, our networks begin with grocery delivery, bringing food to homebound seniors who can't stand in line at food pantries. These networks have grown to include many more community-building activities to support the older seniors, delivery volunteers (many of whom are over 60), and other members of the neighborhood. Read more.

Neighborhood Networks

In the St. Francis Square/Western Addition and Cayuga neighborhoods, our networks began with other activities to support the needs of the residents. Programs include senior exercise classes three times a week, social events, and phone calls, among other things. Read more.


The Community Living Campaign supports the Bay Area Community Exchange (BACE) who has started a TimeBank that taps the wealth of time and experience of Bay Area residents. Time Banking provides a simple way to spend an hour doing something for somebody in your community. In return, you get an hour of credit that you can use to have somebody help you when you need it. Read more.