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ReServe Service & Employment Opportunities

Over and over, we meet seniors and people with disabilities who want to find work and contribute to their communities. But many aren't sure where to look, or are hampered by ageism, ableism and other barriers. We are taking steps to change this by partnering with ReServe, a national organization founded in 2005.

SF ReServe matches senior and adults with disabilities (ReServists) with rewarding part-time, paid opportunities at local nonprofits and public agencies (Partners). By tapping into a lifetime of experience, ReServists helps Partners build a better San Francisco.

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Energize a Cause with Your Experience
Earn a stipend while serving your community in a part-time assignment.

Advance Your Mission with Experience
Engage a ReServist to provide direct service, administrative support, or added capacity.

Initial SF ReServist positions include computer tutors, peer mentors, administrative support, human resources and volunteer coordination, experienced database development, and outreach in the Visitation Valley and Richmond districts. If interested, please register for a First Impressions information session.